The 25th year of the CJ-5, 1979, marked a special “Silver Anniversary Edition” CJ-5. Uniquely equipped, the “Silver” was built in small numbers. It appears that few are still around. Have you ever seen one?
Source: Collectors’s Library “Jeep” by Jim Allen, MBI Publishing, 2002, p. 94

'79 Silver Anniversary Brochure

'79 Silver Anniversary Brochure

“The Silver anniversary 1979 CJ-5 – this was a special edition Renegade that came in a Quick Silver metallic finish with silver-topped Renegade labels and striping. It also came with a black interior and top. Chrome wheels and a special dash plaque were also included. Very low production.” Source: Collectors’s Library “Jeep” by Jim Allen, MBI Publishing, 2002.

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